(dark comedy)

Allen is a neuropharmacologist who discovers that Love is actually a chemical brain infection, diagnosable for things like marriage licenses and heartbreak insurance, “in-Love” courtroom pleas and guaranteed matchmaking services. His company is about to release an FDA-approved vaccine — the drug he hopes will make him wealthy beyond his wildest dreams — when the allegations of a murder begin to surround the initial discovery. 

Feature Screenplay

The Fambly Chambliss

(oddball family drama)

When his mother dies in a fire, an ex-child star is forced to reunite with his estranged siblings to figure out what to do with their orphaned 6-year-old brother, who accidentally started the blaze.

Finalist - Shore Scripts Feature Screenplay Contest

2nd Round - Austin Film Festival Screenplay Contest

• Quarterfinalist - Screencraft Screenwriting Fellowship

Feature Screenplay

The American Way of Ceasing

(dark comedy)

In a world where people know when their natural death is coming, the Federal Ceasing Agency is tasked with ensuring that nobody does anything crazy before they go.

One-hour Drama Pilot

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